Accidents in Paris - Shiny App


Here is proposed a Shiny App for a map visualization and time analysis of all type of vehicles accidents identified in Paris in 2012 & 2013.

The full dataset containing accidents details is available in Open Data Paris.

Using the application, one will be able to discover surprising (or not) facts such as:

  • Friday is the worst day of the week (2104 accidents in total), followed by Thursday (2011 accidents) and Wednesday (1982 accidents).

  • Cars are behind more than 50 % of all accidents (7005 accidents).

  • More than 25 % of vehicles accidents are taking place between 4PM and 8PM.

  • 66 Bike-on-bike accidents occurred in Paris during the period.

  • 80 % of accidents involving two-wheelers vehicles are resulting in injuries compared to 30 % of accidents involving cars.

  • Spring is accounting for the worst season in terms of number accidents (3500), followed by autumn, winter and summer.

  • There were 4 public bus -on- public bus accidents in Paris in 2013-2014.



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